I am an overthinker, dreamer, and creative writer. I owe everything in my life to writing.

Hi, I’m Bensu and 26 years old. I’ve been working to be a writer since I was a kid. This was an instinctive thing. After meeting all kinds of pencils, I realized they were opening the doors to a new world for me. At 8, I started writing stories I wanted to live. It was as easy for me to dream and put it down on paper as watching cartoons. All I had to do was create a fictional world. After creating this world, I wouldn’t stop until my hands were trembling with fatigue. Words flowed quickly from my mind.

Dust off your perspective and live life through the eyes of an optimist.

Every time I talk to optimists, I realize they are looking at life from an aspect that I had never thought of before. Life is black or white for me. I don’t like to notice gray areas because grays are always ambiguous to me. But for optimistic people, gray areas mean more solutions, options, and alternative possibilities. The greatest optimist I know is my mother. And I haven’t seen her get stressed out and worried about something even once. …

All the tools that made me gain my author self-confidence in 2020

2020 was the year I left my comfort zone as a writer. This year I started writing articles in English. Article writers in a language other than their native language understand me. Mastering another language’s words is like walking through a mine. You do a thorough search to find the right word for the sentence or paragraph.

You are examining the structure of the sentences in the articles, and the article goes through many preparation processes. However, no matter how many articles you read, writing can only be improved with practice. There have been many times when I was afraid…

#1 Tell people about your mistakes

We all know that writing is not a talent. Writing is a verb, literally. You can put your thoughts, ideas, and expertise on paper.

For authorship, a unique world emerges. Yes, anyone can write. However, not everyone can be a talented writer because fiction is a personal world. It is a long process. Creating a delightful story requires an outrageous amount of attention, persistence, and creativity.

Whether it’s fictional or didactic, people love to read an article for its atmosphere. What do you think is the atmosphere of writing?

The atmosphere of the writing is the characters created by the…

Kaizen is about improving step by step

When I was writing content for brands, there was always something I cared about. It was about time management. I knew my capacity, and I didn’t choose articles that exceeded certain words in one day. But sometimes, I don’t write for weeks, even though my main job is writing.

Could it be because of writer’s block? Or lack of inspiration? No, there was no excuse for me not to write. I’m so obsessed with new ideas, I’m overthinking, and I can’t use my time well. That’s all.

But, the formula was simple. Start by writing 100 words each day. Improve…

How does falling in love with a drama character affect your love life

How does falling in love with a drama character affect your love life?
If you’ve watched K-Drama before, you know. The loves here are too beautiful to be true. It pulls you in mercilessly. And it causes you to create a fake shelter for yourself. I am a K-Drama professor. You never know how much I want the loves in K-Dramas to reflect reality. But sadly, I had to admit too late that this is not even close to true love in our world.

Actually, it was all about my perfectionist love fantasies. I was looking for ways to avoid…

Forget all you know. The law of attraction is not just about thinking well

I have been working on the law of attraction for 4 years. And surprisingly, whenever I stop thinking about this law, all my wishes start to come true.

The law of attraction is the law based on the simplest basis of all laws. But it is also the law made up of many layers. People don’t understand the law of attraction because it’s not just about attracting whatever you want, think well, get excellent results.

The law of attraction is a system that works 24/7 and will always exist in our lives, whether we accept it or not. If you…

Reading 5 articles a day changed my whole writing habit it can also change yours

I agree mostly with the sentence content as a king. The reader doesn’t want to see beyond the title at first glance. But as a writer trying to develop outside of my native language, the most important thing I pay attention to is examining the details of the content of the article. I’m talking about writing in a high-quality, fluent, and simple language, not about being vicious. We need these 3 three elements more for our articles to stand out.

For most writers, reading 5 articles a day can seem like a waste of time. But believe me, this reading…

There is an easy way to find out if your energy matches in your relationships

We all identify Venus with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Venus is a representative of beauty that it inspired us. Venus is powerful. It represents passion, perseverance, sexual power. So do you know your Venus sign? Does your Venus shine on your natal chart or is it waiting for you to discover it?

In today’s article, we will take a quick journey about your Venus sign, your understanding of love in your relationships, and the ways you enjoy life. Knowing your Venus sign is not just pleasure or money. Your Venus sign is your way of expressing love…

Who exactly are you when all the lights are off and you’re only left with yourself?

Our authentic self is the unique personality that we have at the beginning, that everything we need is present. As we get closer to our core selves, we adapt to our life purpose. Adapting to your life purpose does not instantly eliminate dozens of troubles we experience every day, but supports us day by day to become more harmonious, more tolerant, and peaceful individuals.

Are you tired of the personality masks you wear in public? Do you experience unreasonable restlessness, mood swings during the day? So it’s time to inspect yourself and look inside of what is happening. …

Bensu Cangüler

Freelance writer, Part-time explorer Lifetime learner. I write to inspire. Korean and Japanese Culture enthusiast. Read more at https://linktr.ee/Bensucang

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