I am an overthinker, dreamer, and creative writer. I owe everything in my life to writing.

Hi, I’m Bensu and 26 years old. I’ve been working to be a writer since I was a kid. This was an instinctive thing. After meeting all kinds of pencils, I realized they were opening the doors to a new world for me. At 8, I started writing stories I wanted to live. It was as easy for me to dream and put it down on paper as watching cartoons. All I had to do was create a fictional world. After creating this world, I wouldn’t stop until my hands were trembling with fatigue. Words flowed quickly from my mind.

Dust off your perspective and live life through the eyes of an optimist.

Every time I talk to optimists, I realize they are looking at life from an aspect that I had never thought of before. Life is black or white for me. I don’t like to notice gray areas because grays are always ambiguous to me. But for optimistic people, gray areas mean more solutions, options, and alternative possibilities. The greatest optimist I know is my mother. And I haven’t seen her get stressed out and worried about something even once. …

All the tools that made me gain my author self-confidence in 2020

2020 was the year I left my comfort zone as a writer. This year I started writing articles in English. Article writers in a language other than their native language understand me. Mastering another language’s words is like walking through a mine. You do a thorough search to find the right word for the sentence or paragraph.

You are examining the structure of the sentences in the articles, and the article goes through many preparation processes. However, no matter how many articles you read, writing can only be improved with practice. There have been many times when I was afraid…

#1 Tell people about your mistakes

We all know that writing is not a talent. Writing is a verb, literally. You can put your thoughts, ideas, and expertise on paper.

For authorship, a unique world emerges. Yes, anyone can write. However, not everyone can be a talented writer because fiction is a personal world. It is a long process. Creating a delightful story requires an outrageous amount of attention, persistence, and creativity.

Whether it’s fictional or didactic, people love to read an article for its atmosphere. What do you think is the atmosphere of writing?

The atmosphere of the writing is the characters created by the…

Do dreams always come true? Let’s talk about some facts

If you just want something bad enough, it will come true. This type of magic lamp cliche irritates me. We live in a cruel and materialistic world. And when we say this sentence to people who melt into life’s difficulties, it is like we are joking. Yes, there is a lot we don’t know beyond our material world. But no one can gain money or fame from where they sit. You cannot find the person of your dreams watching out the window. To bring our wishes to our 3D world, we must take realistic steps.

Knowing what we want is…

Before you listen to your inner perfectionist, value your effort

We are in 2021, technology is evolving, the internet is speeding up, and they expect humans to follow suit. I can only imagine how much pressure is on us. Every day, I want to do better, but what about my mental health? My mental health always tells me the inverse. You’re not feeling well today, don’t work! When I’m not feeling well, it’s difficult for me to write articles that make others feel good. When I look back at what I wrote when I was extremely tired the next day, I realize it was all garbage. …

A guide for sensitive people in our fast and furious modern world

I was 20 when I realized, seven years ago, that any external stimulus was driving me insane. It took me this long to realize this because I had convinced myself that living in a congested city would be difficult and unpleasant. However, when I looked around, I noticed that most people were more at ease than I was. I’d trained myself to walk on a thin rope.

We label people with HSP as “extremely sensitive” in society because they are overly sensitive to physical, social, and mental stimuli. These people have high sensory processing sensitivity and can process any subject…

Mercury retrograde is not as scary as it seems. It is simply our assistant.

We’ve all heard of the myth of Mercury retrograde. When Mercury goes retrograde, everyone starts reporting bad news. The most well-known effect of Mercury retrograde is the disruption of electronic devices. It is even suggested that you back up all of your documents and have your devices checked ahead of time. So, how far ahead of time should you plan this? How much will it benefit you to repair everything with fearful energy when Mercury is only retrograde for one week? Obviously not. Because we don’t know much about Mercury retrograde.

While we are still in the midst of a…

Sex, fire, and action. What impact does Mars have on your life?

Examine your daily activities and behaviors. You either jump out of bed or wake up a little calmer. You put on your clothes, grab a quick bite, and leave the house. Then your reactions in the outside world have a cascading effect. This is the planet Mars. Our survival instinct. The sign that rules our Mars influences our initial reactions to situations. We simply would not be able to act if Mars did not exist. Mars works even when you don’t feel like it. According to our Mars sign, we continue to struggle in life.

Mars also represents our instincts…

5 clear signs to get what you need from the universe

When I discovered the word universe, I was 18 years old. I couldn’t figure out what this word meant. So, what is the distinction between our world and the universe? The universe and the world were indistinguishable. I was just imagining the word universe as an energy field that connects us to everything in nature. This was partially correct, but it also included a lot of missing information. We were the universe. Human beings dubbed a “tiny cell in a vast universe,” actually contained the entire universe within itself.

We all spend the majority of our lives establishing and attempting…

Bensu Cangüler

Freelance writer, Part-time explorer Lifetime learner. I write to inspire. Korean and Japanese Culture enthusiast. Read more at https://linktr.ee/Bensucang

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