I am an overthinker, dreamer, and creative writer. I owe everything in my life to writing.

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Hi, I’m Bensu and 26 years old. I’ve been working to be a writer since I was a kid. This was an instinctive thing. After meeting all kinds of pencils, I realized they were opening the doors to a new world for me. At 8, I started writing stories I wanted to live. It was as easy for me to dream and put it down on paper as watching cartoons. All I had to do was create a fictional world. After creating this world, I wouldn’t stop until my hands were trembling with fatigue. Words flowed quickly from my mind.

Dust off your perspective and live life through the eyes of an optimist.

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Every time I talk to optimists, I realize they are looking at life from an aspect that I had never thought of before. Life is black or white for me. I don’t like to notice gray areas because grays are always ambiguous to me. But for optimistic people, gray areas mean more solutions, options, and alternative possibilities. The greatest optimist I know is my mother. And I haven’t seen her get stressed out and worried about something even once. …

All the tools that made me gain my author self-confidence in 2020

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2020 was the year I left my comfort zone as a writer. This year I started writing articles in English. Article writers in a language other than their native language understand me. Mastering another language’s words is like walking through a mine. You do a thorough search to find the right word for the sentence or paragraph.

You are examining the structure of the sentences in the articles, and the article goes through many preparation processes. However, no matter how many articles you read, writing can only be improved with practice. There have been many times when I was afraid…

#1 Tell people about your mistakes

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We all know that writing is not a talent. Writing is a verb, literally. You can put your thoughts, ideas, and expertise on paper.

For authorship, a unique world emerges. Yes, anyone can write. However, not everyone can be a talented writer because fiction is a personal world. It is a long process. Creating a delightful story requires an outrageous amount of attention, persistence, and creativity.

Whether it’s fictional or didactic, people love to read an article for its atmosphere. What do you think is the atmosphere of writing?

The atmosphere of the writing is the characters created by the…

Start with small but balanced steps to improve the quality of your life

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There’s a lot that interferes with our everyday lives. Some are because of external factors that we cannot control, while others come from deep within and make our lives more complicated. Sadly, we believe that there is little time and resources to determine how the troubled course in our lives might be caused. But for a more peaceful life and body, we don’t have to take big steps.

Naturally, we want to do everything quickly in our fast-moving lives such as the latest model race cars. We often have perfectionism, a stable mind, a desire to control. This is exactly…

5 Japanese temples, renowned for their various and different characteristics.

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Temples are extremely important in Asian culture, especially in Japan. Temples are symbols of a particular religion and set of beliefs. Prayers and various rituals are performed in temples as a tribute to the souls of emperors and historical figures.

Temple reflections of Shintoism and Buddhism, two popular religions in Japan, differ from one another. Shinto shrines are places where gods are worshiped. Water from the fountains at the temple’s entrance is used in the purification process.

Furthermore, the main hall of Buddhist temples is separated from the temple by large and magnificent gates. In contrast to Shinto shrines, there…

How self-hatred boosted my self-confidence

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While going through the file with my old articles the other day, I came across an article titled “my self-hatred adventure.” Even now, the courage in this article I wrote for myself four years ago astounds me. That I wasn’t afraid to reveal even some truths I couldn’t admit in that article inspired me on one point. Trying to love yourself is often a fruitless endeavor. To love yourself, you must first understand why you dislike yourself.

Self-loathing is a highly mined terrain that sounds too harsh. But really, why do we hate ourselves? For me, this answer was about…

Just skip the channel you’re watching to change the flow of your thoughts

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Have you ever considered what you pay the most attention to during the day? You may have noticed that your mood has become heavy if you spend almost every day with automatic behaviors and thoughts. Previously, no matter how well I slept at night, I would awaken in the morning feeling crushed under the weight of my thoughts. Every morning, I couldn’t concentrate on my work because I was worried about why I was so weak mentally and physically. But now I understand. …

To unlock your life, pay closer attention to the messages of the universe

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I see simultaneous numbers. When I look out the window, a white feather rises in front of me, the lyrics of a song I heard for the first time describe my situation. Am I going crazy? Of course, after such synchronicities, you might think you’re going crazy. But no, these synchronicities simply show that you are one vibrational level higher than others. There is nothing to be afraid of. By freeing your mind, you are simply gaining a different level of awareness. And you must learn to get your answers from within rather than from without.

We don’t always have…

Find the root of passive habits and transform your life in 3 steps.

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Our habits are the behaviors and thought patterns that shape who we are and are difficult to break. We live in a giant bubble of habit, from the time we wake up in the morning to the way we eat, drink, and sit during the day, where we hang out, and our attitudes before going to bed at night.

Aside from the difficulty of breaking or changing habits, the unpleasant part is that we dislike change. I cannot say that our bodies enjoy change as much as our minds do. That’s why we always talk to and do the same…

Bensu Cangüler

Freelance writer, Part-time explorer Lifetime learner. I write to inspire. Korean and Japanese Culture enthusiast. Read more at https://linktr.ee/Bensucang

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